Product Portfolio

LTL Transformers offers a full range of power and distribution transformers for all your industrial and commercial applications. Designed and built using the most advanced technology and machinery, we ensure reliability and durability evenly matched by efficiency.

Oil Filled transformers

Designed and manufactured in line with international standards, LTL’s Oil-filled Transformers are hugely demanded in the industry. The type of oil can be mineral oil, silicone, bio-degradable oil, or any other compatible fluid as per your requirement and environmental commitments.

Dry Type Transformers

If the priority is to minimize fire hazards and environmental contamination as much as possible especially in high rise buildings, hospitals, hotels etc. the most looked forward new technology is dry-type transformers.

LV Distribution Products

LTL offers a comprehensive range of low voltage distribution products that offer top-of-the-line security and safety in the management of commercial and industrial LV installations.

Special Transformers

In addition to the standard types of transformers used for distribution applications, LTL specializes in delivering special types of transformers. These non-standard type transformers are utilized in various electrical and mechanical applications in the industry.

Prefabricated Compact MV Substations

Our compact MV substations are designed and manufactured for standard and specific customer requirements. They are widely used in areas such as in residential, commercial and industrial developments where underground power distribution is required.