LV Distribution Products

LV Distribution Products

LTL offers a comprehensive range of low voltage distribution products that offer top-of-the-line security and safety in the management of commercial and industrial LV installations. Our LV products are designed and manufactured to meet unique customer site setup and requirements, required efficiency, protection from faults, and isolation for safe maintenance.

Feeder Pillars 

Feeder pillars are an essential component in the distribution of power supply. They facilitate the much-needed isolation to electrical distribution equipment at the same time providing the equipment especially the cabling with a means of protection and control. LTL’s Feeder Pillars guarantee simple and local maintenance of your equipment reducing site downtime and overall maintenance costs. They can be designed and assembled to meet customer specifications and enable easy on-site installation. Our feeder pillars provide unrivalled know-how to respond to a range of needs demanded in the industry in the best possible way.

  • Energy distribution from multiple LV outputs.
  • Protection of LV outputs downstream of a transformer.
  • Ensuring operational safety of goods and personnel.

Busbar Chambers

Busbar Chambers are designed to provide compact, easily assembled switchboards when conducting a substantial current of electricity.LTL’s Busbar Chambers are manufactured from 100 to 1,600 Amps ratings and are fabricated from rust-protected sheet steel or in aluminum capped with a paint finish. LTL ensures hassle-free total solutions to enable all switchgear and distribution gear to be mounted easily and economically to Busbar Chambers.

  • High short circuit and impulse withstand strength.
  • Compact and low loss. Hence, economical with low operational costs.