LTL Transformers marks another milestone, in collaboration with Ceylon Electricity Board

In an ongoing partnership to enhance Sri Lanka’s electricity infrastructure, LTL Transformers, in collaboration with the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), has recently handed over a significant 5MVA transformer. This commendable endeavour marks an important milestone in their efforts to ensure a nationwide reliable and efficient power supply.

LTL Transformers, a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical transformers, has once again demonstrated its commitment to supporting Sri Lanka’s power sector. The recent handover of a 5MVA transformer is a testament to their unwavering dedication to meeting the nation’s growing energy demands. This is not the first time LTL Transformers has contributed such a vital component to the CEB’s network.

Once again, on May 29th, 2023, LTL Transformers and CEB solidified their collaboration by supplying another subsequent 5MVA transformer. This highlights the two entities’ mutual trust and long-term partnership. The subsequent handover of another 5MVA transformer reaffirms LTL Transformers’ commitment to continuously support CEB’s initiatives in enhancing the power supply infrastructure.

The 5MVA transformer provided by LTL Transformers will reinforce the nation’s power grid. By effectively regulating and distributing electricity across the network, this transformer will improve the efficiency and reliability of the power supply, benefitting both domestic and industrial consumers. It signifies a significant step towards achieving a stable and sustainable energy ecosystem.

LTL Transformers’ collaboration with CEB marks a remarkable achievement in their joint efforts to enhance Sri Lanka’s electricity infrastructure. The handover of a 5MVA transformer, not for the first time, demonstrates their continued commitment to improving the power supply network. As LTL Transformers and CEB work hand in hand, Sri Lanka moves closer to achieving a reliable and efficient energy ecosystem that will benefit the nation.