High Rise Buildings

High Rise Buildings has been a trend for quite some time and this trend is only expected to get bigger and bigger. To minimize fire hazards and environmental contamination as much as possible in high rise buildings the most looked forward new technology is dry-type transformers. In a pioneering move, LTL obtained the complete type test certification for the dry type of transformer design in the year 2018 from KEMA Laboratories in the Netherlands and has gone on to deliver dry-type transformers for various projects in Sri Lanka. The dry-type transformer range of LTL has grown into a full range currently offering primary voltages up to 33 kV and a capacity up to 5 MVA. These transformers meet strict parameters when it comes to electrical system demands and functioning in areas with extreme climatic conditions. The best thing about LTL’s dry-type transformers is that they are virtually maintenance-free and are manufactured following industry and international standards.